With winters fast approaching, the use of gas stoves, heaters, and boilers is a given. And with all these appliances, it’s not uncommon for a gas leak to occur. It’s that pure disgusting stench of rotten eggs mixed with sulfur that gives away the fact that something is not quite right. So if you ever suddenly feel a spell of dizziness and nausea hit you, it’s time for you to evacuate the building and call in the professionals. Not to mention, there are certain dos and don’ts of what to do if you smell gas in your house, which we’ll discuss in grave detail below.

What You Should Do If You Smell Gas In Your House

No matter where you are or what it is that you’re doing, the instant you start to notice a rotten egg smell with hints of sulfur: Be on your toes. This could be an indication of gas leakage in your house. Rather than blowing it off as a passing odor, here’s a basic rundown of what you should do if such an instance ever occurs:

  • Switch Off All Electronics
    The moment you take note of a spoiled, eggy odor, switch off your electronics. From your cellphone and laptop to all the electricity-connected outlets, including light switches and the overall electric supply.
  • Open All Doors & Windows
    To allow proper ventilation, push open the windows and doors of your house. This will ensure air is passing through, carrying away the toxic gas fumes with it.
  • Turn Off The Gas Valves
    Next up, turn off the gas line. Wherever the main valve is located, be it for your gas heater, stove, or any other appliance, turn it off immediately.
  • Evacuate The Building
    When everything in your home is taken care of, leave the premises. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, it doesn’t matter. Go out where you’re surrounded by clean and fresh air.
  • Call The Professionals
    Once outside, call a professional service to handle the business. You can either reach out to national gas emergency services or ask gas line repair experts to help you out.
  • Inform Your Utility Director
    It’s also vital to inform the company that supplies you with the gas utilities. A quick call to the main provider will help prevent future legal troubles.
  • Notify The Neighbors
    If you have neighbors, don’t forget to warn them about the gas leakage as well. It doesn’t matter if there’s only a faint smell of gas or your whole house smells like gas. The people you share your walls with deserve to know so they can take the necessary safety precaution as well.

What Does a Gas Leak Smell Like?

If you’ve never really smelled natural gas before, you might wonder what it smells like and how you can identify it. Well, technically, natural has no odor. That is to say, it smells like nothing. However, due to the presence of methanethiol, a foul gas, natural gas gets its signature stench. With notes of rotten eggs, metal, and pure sulfur, if you’re in the same room as the gas leak, you most definitely will be hit by its pungency.


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