Not many people realize their sewer line is broken. After all, it isn’t a common thing to check up on. However, when a sewer pipe gets damaged, there are many ways to identify it. Usually, it’s the frequent gurgling and the rotten stench that gives it away.

So, if you live in Houston and are currently facing problems in your home’s sewer line, keep an eye out for the signs mentioned below and contact a professional plumber for sewer line repair instead.

  1. Fluctuating Water Levels In Toilet
    Toilet bowls are supposed to remain full at all times except when flushed. If the water levels continuously rise and fall, it could clearly indicate something is wrong. This typically happens due to a clog in the toilet drain, which prevents the water from flowing easily. Flushing it too many times can have an adverse reaction, causing the wastewater to overflow and flood the toilet instead.
  2. Rotten Stench Coming From Everywhere
    It is not normal for your house to smell like sewage. The instant you notice a rotten-like stench coming from your home, it should be considered a huge red flag. This is because it’s not just the smell permeating your house but a toxic gas known as hydrogen sulfide. It occurs due to a leak in the sewer and must be fixed immediately, or it could have a negative impact on your health.
  3. Sink Draining Too Slow
    One of the most prominent signs of a faulty sewer line is a sink that drains too slowly. It indicates there is a clog within the pipe, which causes the sink or toilet to drain at a very slow pace. The best way to deal with it is by contacting a professional plumber and having them examine the pipes.
  4. Puddles Forming In The Yard
    A soggy or waterlogged yard is a sign that something is wrong with your sewage system. If you constantly notice random puddles of water in your yard, paired with a nasty smell, it should be a dead giveaway that the problem lies within the sewer line. In such cases, it is best to let an expert locate the source of the problem and fix it immediately.
  5. Gurgling Sound Echoing In The Pipes
    When air bubbles get trapped inside the drain, they can make a very haunting sound, especially when trying to escape. The moment you turn on the sink, it causes the bubbles to find a way out in a frenzy, leading to the gurgling or murmuring sound.
    Although this isn’t an emergency, it still points to a clogged drain.
  6. Rising Water Bill
    If your water bill keeps increasing every month, but it doesn’t match the amount of water you have been using, it may be a cause for concern. A random spike in the water bill is proof that there is an unidentified leak in the sewer lines.
  7. Pest or Rodent Infestation
    Pests and rodents thrive in damp conditions, so if there is a sewer pipe leakage in your house, the best way to identify that would be to check for an infestation. If you suddenly notice a large number of rodents or pests invading your home, it could very well be due to a faulty sewer line. In such cases, taking immediate action is the only way to get rid of both problems in time, preventing them from getting worse.

Get Your Sewer Lines Replaced in Houston Today!

Whether it’s a leaking sewer pipe or a clogged drain, the best way to fix all pesky plumbing problems is to let a professional plumber repair the sewer pipelines. Once thoroughly cleaned and replaced, you can go back to living a clog-free life with nothing to worry about. For more information, contact ER Ideal Plumbing today at (281) 799-9694.