Commercial Plumbing in Houston, TX

Not all plumbing companies are up to the task of commercial plumbing. Commercial plumbers design unique plumbing systems that withstand the rigors of daily use while also satisfying the needs of property managers and owners who need concrete results. You can count on ER Ideal Plumbing as your trusted partner for commercial plumbing in Houston, TX.

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Commercial Plumbing

Unlike residential plumbing, which is used to deliver potable water for drinking and cooking to the inhabitants’ homes, commercial pipes are specifically designed for use in large-scale buildings such as businesses, office buildings, factories and hospitals. At ER Ideal Plumbing, we recognize that plumbing problems are more than just a temporary inconvenience, and can cause businesses to lose customers, revenue, and create unnecessary downtime.

This is why a segment of our plumbing team focuses specifically on commercial plumbing, and designs customized systems for commercial buildings. Whether you’re interested in a new boiler, water treatment system, bathroom remodel, or other works of plumbing construction, our experts will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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ER Ideal Plumbing only provides you with industry professionals with the necessary credentials, licensing, insurance and experience to make sure you get a thorough plumbing job that’s done right the first time.

You can trust us to be your provider for commercial plumbing in the Houston area. We can handle any type of plumbing installation or repair project you have in mind. From commercial industrial clientele to the local office building maintenance teams and manufacturers alike, our team of professional plumbers can handle the more complex demands of commercial buildings and their clients.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services in Houston

At ER Ideal Plumbing, we can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs, and we offer a variety of services to suit our customers’ needs. You can rely on us for a wide variety of services, including:

  • Water treatment systems. We provide complete turnkey solutions for water treatment system projects in commercial buildings. This includes everything from selecting the right equipment to installation, servicing and maintenance. These systems include filtration, softeners and conditioners that help improve water quality regardless of the source or its condition.
  • Water heating. If you need a new boiler system for your commercial building, turn to us for all of your water heating needs. We can handle any type of commercial or industrial boiler you’ll need, including boilers that operate at temperatures of up to 600°F.
  • Bathroom upgrades and remodeling. Our plumbing team can replace your industrial water supply lines, install bathroom fixtures and fittings, as well as take out any old pipes and install new ones in place. We ensure minimal to no disruption of service when you’re getting ready for a bathroom remodel or plumbing project.

As providers of commercial plumbing services in Houston and the greater Houston area, we know we have a lot of work to do . We’ll help you get those tough jobs completed fast.

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