What do you do when you first see a red button? Press it, of course!

It’s in human nature. We just can’t resist a glaring red button. But perhaps that’s why the garbage disposal reset button is hidden away from the naked eye. After all, you’re only supposed to use it when there’s a dire for it. For instance, the garbage disposal stops working suddenly, or it won’t turn on at all.

If you’ve experienced something similar, then it’s probably likely you’ll reach out for that tiny reset button. Before you do, though, there are several things you should know about garbage disposal units. And luckily, we’re here to list them all down for you.

What is a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is a special grinding unit installed under your sink, between the drainage pipe and the trap. The primary purpose of garbage disposal is to drain the waste by grinding it down to mush. You’re supposed to put leftover scraps of food or such in the sink. Once the food finds its way to the drain, the chopper chamber will shred it into nothingness. This is so that the waste particles are small enough to pass through the plumbing and sewer pipes. With the help of a kitchen waste-disposal unit, you don’t have to worry about separating wet trash from dry. You can watch it get pulverized in a matter of seconds.

What Does the Garbage Disposal Reset Buton Do?

Usually, a reset button helps to troubleshoot the problem found in electronic or mechanical machines. Similarly, a garbage disposal reset button reboots the entire disposal system. In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s nothing short of magic.

The circuit breaker tends to trip when there’s an internal issue related to the electric circuit. This is so that no spontaneous fire breaks out, preventing the machinery from burning through and through. The red reset button is kind of like the same thing. If you find your garbage disposal suddenly stop in the middle of grinding, press the reset button to restart the entire system. Nonetheless, before you go do that, make sure the garbage disposal is turned off.

If for some reason, the system trips again, or you have to reset the unit repeatedly, then it could simply be due to the disposal being jammed. In such a case, contact a professional plumber. Never put your hand down the drain unit yourself.

How to Find the Garbage Disposal Reset Button

Believe it or not, you can easily find the garbage disposal reset button. It’s right at the bottom of the unit, directly under the sink. You can either reach out to turn it on or bend over with a flashlight and find it yourself.

The button is usually raised a quarter of an inch above the surface and will feel very clickable. Nonetheless, if you’re finding it through the help of a light source, the bright red color will be a dead giveaway.


It’s not uncommon for garbage disposals to stop working mid-rotation. That’s exactly what a garbage disposal reset button is for. However, if you ever find yourself knee-deep in trouble and cannot get the disposal to work after several reset attempts, contact ER Ideal Plumbing at (281) 857-5704 for instant assistance.