Your bathroom is probably the one place where you spend a lot of time but don’t give enough thought to the inner mechanics until something goes wrong. How many of us think about checking the toilet’s tank on a random Tuesday afternoon without any reason?  — No one in their right mind, that’s for sure!

Unless the toilet is clogged or has trouble flushing, it tends to go unnoticed. But that is precisely why you need to be more alert. Keep your eyes peeled for the signs mentioned below indicating your toilet needs to be replaced. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, always be one step ahead.

  1. The Toilet Keeps Getting CloggedThe most common toilet trouble is a clogged flush. If your toilet keeps getting clogged, even after frequently being repaired, a new replacement might be in order.
  2. There’s Always A Puddle Under The Tank

    Cracks and fissures aren’t always visible, but they can make their presence known in other ways. For instance, a tiny puddle of water that always gathers under the toilet tank is a sign something is internally wrong.
  3. The Toilet is of an Old ModelBelieve it or not, the make and build of your toilet is pretty important when it comes to replacing it. Thus, if your toilet has a deep, round bowl, then it is definitely outdated. Try replacing it with an oval-shaped bowl for a cleaner, fresher look.
  4. You Keep Having Plumbing IssuesIt’s not just clogs but leaks and bidet problems that also play a part in determining whether or not your toilet needs to be swapped.
  5. There is a Leak in the ToiletIf every time you flush, water seeps out from under the toilet; it could be a big red flag. Do not ignore this; it is a clear sign of a big leak within the toilet. Replacing is the only thing you can do to prevent your bathroom from overflowing.
  6. The Toilet Keeps WobblingAn unstable toilet can give out on you at any time. Rather than hoping for the best, reach out to a professional plumber and get your old wobbly toilet replaced with a reliable one.
  7. The Water Keeps Running After FlushingThe most annoying thing to ever happen is when you flush, but the water keeps running. Not only does it cause wastage, but every drop adds to your water bill, leading to a spike. The only way to permanently fix a loose flush seal is by replacing the toilet or its tank as a whole.
  8. It Looks Worn OutIf your toilet has no troubles at all and is working perfectly, then that’s amazing. However, if it looks old and worn out, a stark contrast against the rest of your beautiful bathroom, then you may need to switch it up a bit.
  9. The Flush Refuses To WorkYou can get a broken flush fixed only a few times until it gives in. Instead of allowing yourself to suffer from a faulty flush every day, look for quality toilet replacements to help solve your problems once and for all.

Long Story Short

To summarize, leaks, clogs, and broken toilets are pretty common. But if you keep facing the same issues after getting them fixed, maybe a toilet replacement might be what’s necessary. For more information on the service, contact ER Ideal Plumbing online or by calling us at (281) 857-5704.