Pipe Repair in Houston, TX

You can count on us for all your gas, sewer & water line repairs. ER Ideal Plumbing provides pipe repair in Houston, TX to solve your residential or commercial problems of leaking, broken, damaged or worn pipes and plumbing.

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Pipe Repair in Houston, TX

Complete Services for Quality Pipe Repair in Houston, TX

Pipe repair in Houston is essential to prevent water from seeping through the deteriorating pipes or damaging home foundations. Pipes that are close to the building foundation can cause structural damage and leaking pipes can lead to a higher water bill or worse, property damage. Our plumbing specialists can provide all types of pipe repair in Houston, TX including:

Leaking or Broken Pipes

ER Ideal Plumbing has the specialized tools and techniques to identify the source of a leak and get it repaired. We also have the skills to repair broken pipes that cannot be replaced.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can be more than an inconvenience with flooding, water damage, and time-consuming, costly repairs. If you notice a leak coming from your pipes, contact our experts at (281) 857-5704 today.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion can be caused by oxidation due to environmental factors, or the contents of the pipe itself, such as hard water. Pipe corrosion affects cast iron, galvanized and copper pipes. It can be identified by a decline in the diameter of the pipe. It is important to get your pipes repaired today before further damage is done to your home or business.

Blocked Pipe

A blocked pipe can result from a buildup of grease, minerals, or foreign objects, depending on the material the pipe handles. This can cause you to lose pressure, or in the case of drain pipes, overflow of hazardous waste up through your pipes and into your fixtures and property. Blocked pipes should be fixed immediately to prevent further destruction to your home or business. Call our plumbing experts at (281) 857-5704 for emergency help if you need it!

Bellied Pipe

A bellied pipe or a pipe with a bulge can be caused by rust and corrosion, soil conditions, frozen pipes and many other reasons. A bellied pipe does not function properly and is more likely to form a blockage over time.

Root Intrusion

Roots from nearby foliage, trees and shrubs can grow into pipes, causing significant damage that causes the pipe to leak its contents into the surrounding area. This is especially damaging with sewer lines, which can leak raw sewage into your lawn and lead to unpleasant odors.

We Solve Your Problems: Call Us For Expert Pipe Repair in Houston, TX

If you have any of these problems with your pipes, a professional plumbing company can identify and repair them for you. At ER Ideal Plumbing, you can be confident that the quality and efficacy of our work is second to none! Our plumbers are experts in pipe repair, with decades of combined experience in the plumbing industry. We can help you determine the problem, provide a solution, and even serve you in case you have a plumbing emergency.

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