SANCO2 High Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heaters in Houston, TX

The SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater is a two-part system consisting of a tank (usually placed indoors) and a heat pump unit (usually placed outdoors, up to 66 ft away from the tank). The heat pump works like a reverse air-conditioner, drawing heat energy from the atmosphere and applying it to water from the tank. This technology is already in wide use in industrial applications as well as residential water heaters

The SANCO2 works just like a conventional heat pump, except that it uses CO2 as a refrigerant. Due to the unique properties of CO2, the SANCO2 operates very efficiently in a wide range of temperatures. It is able to extract heat from the air all the way down to -20°F  and beyond in a single heating stage, raising the water temp to 150°F at .3 gallons/minute. The result is a system that requires radically less electricity to heat water when compared to conventional hot water systems and works without a backup coil in a very wide range of climates.

While the SANCO2 system is a perfect choice to replace an existing gas or electric hot water tank in any residential or multifamily application, the ability to work at low exterior temperatures and still supply hot water at 150°F means the same system can be the total solution for today’s new low energy homes.


Gas Line Installations

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that water heating is the second largest use of energy after heating or cooling in a typical home?  Water Heaters also account for a significant fraction of total energy usage in residential and commercial buildings.

High Performance 

The Department of Energy defines a measure called the Uniform First Hour Rating (UFHR), which measures the volume of hot water that a system can deliver in 1 hour at  a temperature of 125°F and at a 3GPM flow rate when starting with a  tank full of hot water.The SANCO₂ unit has the highest UFHR rating of any comparably sized Storage Electric or Heat Pump Water Heater

  • With the SAN-43SSAQA 43 Gallon Stainless Steel tank the SANCO₂system can deliver 69 Gallons in the first hour (UFHR=69 Gallons)

  • With the SAN-83SSAQA 83 Gallon Stainless Steel tank the SANCO₂system can deliver 115 Gallons in the first hour (UFHR=115 Gallons)

  • With the SAN-119GLBK 119 Gallon Glass lined tank the SANCO₂ system can deliver 135 Gallons in the first hour (UFHR=135 Gallons)


How It Works?

The SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater System heats water by transferring the heat from the surrounding air to the water using a refrigerant. The refrigerant is heated by a heat exchanger that absorbs heat from the surrounding air.

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