Are there noises coming from your water pipes? Air can get trapped in the water lines, resulting in an irregular stream of water. So if your water lines sound like they’ve trapped air inside and you notice a spluttering water stream, keep reading this blog. We’ll tell you what causes it and what to do.

How does Air Get in the Water Lines?

Irregular water streams and strange noises are the usual signs of air in the water pipes. A common reason air can get inside the water line is system maintenance. If you cut off the water supply for some time, it can allow air to enter the system. In addition, maintenance work also lets air into your water system.

Removing Air in the Water Lines

Usually, the air in water lines does not cause much damage. However, it can cause some plumbing problems. You might hear noises from your walls. Moreover, there’ll be weaker water flow due to reduced pressure. Other than this, you’ll notice spluttering faucets and inconsistent output. In extreme cases, the air in water pipes can lead to damage like rust and corrosion. These, and more, are why you should get rid of the trapped air inside your water pipes.

Here are five steps on how to remove the air in your water lines:

1. Turning Off the Main Water Supply

Your house will have a valve or switch that turns off the water supply. The first thing to do is turn off the main water supply, or nothing will work. The valve might be made of metal, with a circular or star shape.

If you’re unable to find the main valve or you can’t move it, don’t forcefully try to turn it off. It can lead to further damage, as the water pipe may have calcified. In that case, it will need a professional water line repair.

2. Turn on All the Faucets

After turning off the main valve, turn on all of the taps. This allows water to run through each and every faucet in your home. Keep in mind, though, that the pressure needs to be sufficient enough to allow water flow. Turning the pressure too high is not necessary. Apart from the faucets, turn on other things that use water, like the dishwasher, shower, washing machine, etc. Start with the water sources nearest to the main valve to the furthest.

3. Flush The Toilets

When the water sources run dry, flush the toilets. Keep flushing until the water runs out entirely and no more water is available. All of these steps are important to remove the air in water lines.

4. Turn On the Main Water Supply Again

Once all the water sources dry, you can turn the main water supply on again. The water will start flowing through the faucets when you twist the valve. Hence, allow the water to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, stop after a steady stream starts flowing.

Don’t forget to flush your toilets and run your other water sources like the dishwasher again. By this step, there should be no noises coming from your pipes. A steady stream coupled with no noise indicates no more air trapped in your water line.

5. Turn off the Faucets in the Correct Order

Similar to how you turned on the faucets in a specific order, you’ll need to turn them off in reverse order. When turning the taps off, start with the one farthest from the water supply valve. The air in your water lines should be removed by this step.

What’s the Takeaway?

If there is air in water lines, it can cause an irregular stream of water, and you might hear noises from the pipes. A few steps can help you get rid of it, but if the problem persists, ER Ideal Plumbing can help. Contact us at (281) 857-5704.